Healthcare Facilities

The Hospitals and healthcare facilities 360 Degree Medicine works with are much more than just contracts, we are partners in the delivery of care to patients. The analogy of a three legged stool is often used to describe the relationship between Hospitals, physicians and patients. 360 focuses on delivering proven results on the benchmarks that matter to patient care and Hospitals. Staffing coverage, quality of care, throughput visit times, left without being seen, patient satisfaction, quality and training of providers, charting documentation, and unnecessary and expensive testing, in their totality, constitute the ER experience for patients and Hospitals. As agents of change, 360's task in entering any new healthcare facility is to identify what is not working well and immediately develop multiple solutions to fix it. This is evidenced by the fact that to date, 360 has not been asked by a partner healthcare facility to vacate its partnership.

If you are a healthcare facility looking for a new partner in your emergency department, consider the following results produced by 360 at its flagship healthcare facility:

  • Concentrating on the admission, triage and patient discharge process, 360 helped reduce the throughput times at its largest facility down to 30 minutes door-to-door for discharged patients and 90 minutes door-to-bed for admitted patients
  • Through behavior management, and the discharge and recruitment of personnel, 360 increased the Press Ganey scores from the 10th percentile to the 90th percentile
  • Using a concept called "no waiting room", 360 was able to reduce the number of patients leaving without ever being seen (LWBS) from 6.4% down to less than 1%
  • Upon careful examination of the evaluation and management codes (E&M) and lost charges by provider, 360 was able to work with the medical record system and billing company to increase the average collections from $65/patient to as high as $92/patient

If these are the kinds of changes you need at your healthcare facility, then you should contact 360 Degree Medicine and see if we can produce the same results for you.

"360 Degree Medicine is a valued partner to our Hospital. Through many transitions at our facility over time, including an acquisition by a health system, 360 has been flexible to change and reliable in the delivery of services. I am able to bring a range of issues and problems to the leadership of 360, and they are ready and willing to help find a solution."

~ William Mahoney, President & CEO - Cox Medical Center Branson