Clinical Providers

From the top to the bottom, 360 Degree Medicine is a physician owned and operated company. Priding itself on extending to its physician providers a healthy balance between work and home, 360 maintains an extremely low attrition rate among providers and to date, 360 has never required the services of a locum agency to staff one of its partner facilities. With over 40 providers, 97% of which are emergency medicine residency trained and board certified, 360 is the largest group of quality emergency medicine providers in Southwest Missouri and North Central Arkansas.

360 Degree Medicine approaches a healthcare facility agreement from the inside out, starting with a safe and manageable patient per hour rate, normally based upon the 2 patients/hour mark, and works its way through the myriad of unique environmental factors at each facility until it reaches a framework from which a viable, and sustainable, agreement can be achieved. The end result is a career in medicine at a facility, and among peers, that a provider can achieve success and enjoy security.

360 Degree Medicine is a democratic provider group, holding transparency and equality at its core. Each new physician provider joining 360 is afforded an opportunity to become a partner and share in our mission of healing. At 360, partnership is predicated upon the dedication to quality patient care, not buying shares of the company. Through time and hours worked, each new 360 member receives a vote to membership.

360 Degree Medicine, as the name would insinuate, is interested in being more than just an ER staffing company. 360 aspires to be the clinical provider of choice for all the communities we serve. Currently, 360 is working on multiple telemedicine options for its providers and patients that will allow us to serve a broader geographic span of patients to better health.

"360 is an exciting and vibrant group of providers who enjoy not only working together professionally, but spending time together personally, with our families, to enjoy food, fun and fellowship."

~ Ray Woodmansee, M.D. - 360 Emergency Medicine Physician